The Common Cent$  Diet For The Busy Girl

Finally! - Dieting Made Easy


      As everyone knows, there are hundreds of weight loss programs and products to choose from – each claiming to  have “the secret” to easy and quick weight loss. Over 22 years, we’ve seen it all—from the most ridiculous fad diets to mail order pills and potions, to infomercials, to multi-level marking distributors, you name it. 

     Many of these weight loss programs are complicated, cumbersome and expensive, and are not sustainable over the long term. You know that, and have probably tried dozens of plans and diet books yourself, each with their own twist and nutrition and sometimes improper balance of fat, protein and carbs.

     It doesn’t have to be this way!

   You’re too busy, you say, to eat healthfully by preparing nutritious yet tasty meals.  You hate ‘diet foods’ and refuse to eat foods that taste worse than the cardboard packaging they come in.  You refuse to eat dehydrated foods, or make your meals from a can, you know that a ‘meal replacement bar’ won’t cut it, and you don’t want to spend the money on diet food delivery, because you want the flexibility of cooking or dining out when your life requires.

  The Common Cent$Diet for The Busy Girl e-book is perfect for you.  It will suit your taste, your pocketbook, and your schedule. 

NEW...  Printable Shopping Guide To Take To The Supermarket - see Shopping Guide Page

* Using frozen entrées, it’s easy to plan ahead for a healthy meal without actually having to plan, shop and prepare. 

* One of the big plusses for frozen entrées is convenience.

* A big plus for using frozen entrées is that they are pre-portioned, and often contain a mixture of main dish, sides and dessert…all in one package. Portion size is the key to healthy weight management.

* Since even complete meals’ portions don’t generally supply enough vegetables to make them “complete” for the recommended servings of veggies and fruits daily, we show you how to “add in” to your lunch and dinners, so you stay satisfied and stay healthy while you lose weight conveniently.  

Our Mission: To help you, the frugal, do-it-yourself dieter, find a simple diet plan that uses healthy regular food tailored to the busy woman on the go--at near zero cost.

"...Common sense, and common cents!  Yes, besides convenience, and portion control, a frozen entrée menu plan means easily budgeting your diet and having some left over for treats such as a new pair of running shoes or a spa visit.  As mentioned, it’s boring to eat the same old grilled chicken and broccoli daily, and today’s frozen entrées allow you to experiment with new and exciting flavors and preparations."... page 57

 The Common Cent$ Diet For The Busy Girl is based on the following:

-      The use of regular grocery store food 

-      Flexibility of plans with different calorie and sodium levels

-      Your own exercise program based on activities you enjoy

-      Your own stress management techniques

-      The use of delicious, frozen low-cal, low-sodium, microwave entrees easily found in the supermarket.

-      No fees of any kind, ever.

-      A home-based do-it-yourself plan, portable for eating at work.

-      You can use the plan indefinitely.

-      The plan is safe and based on losing 1-2 pounds per week.

-      Adaptable to one or more people in your household.


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